October 02, 2020

LACAUSA is inspired by vintage and meant to be styled with vintage. Our dream scenario is a wardrobe full of our effortless, essential pieces juxtaposed with one-of-a-kind thrift finds.

Who better to weigh in on the subject of vintage than Object.Limited founder Anna Gray. Shot at home in NYC by Jen Steele.

How did your love affair with vintage begin and how did that lead you to creating Object Limited?
I played dress up a lot as a kid, mostly influenced by storybook characters and the segue into vintage-as-shopping-habit was/is a way to play around on a budget. I worked in fashion for a long time as a model, writer, event producer, PR person, stylist and the rat race to sell more new stuff just burned me out. Object Limited was born out of a desire to offer an alternative to fast fashion while working within the confines of our societally cultivated consumer habits. 

How does living in New York impact your style day to day?
In a practical sense: shoes. I walk a lot and blisters are my worst enemy. I tried LA for a little bit and was so disenchanted with the lack of seasons. I like the style shifts that happen in New York with cooling/warming weather. Also, living in New York, I forget how conservatively the rest of the country dresses so I get some stares when I wander around anywhere else in really loud pants or a full magenta outfit. 

Tips for online vintage shopping?
Know your measurements! If it's a little bit big, take it to your tailor. Stick to reliable fabrics (leather, wool, cotton, silk) because material quality is hard to qualify via a photo (that's why the Object app has videos!). 


What are some staples everyone should have in their wardrobe?
Ooooo depends on what you like about your body! I like my legs so pants, skirts, shorts are my most full category. A really great leather trench makes every outfit great. I love a beautiful knee high boot. And a silk button down.