December 13, 2017

We've had a longstanding ig crush on super babe Sami so we caught up with her to chat travel tips, midwest hot spots, and why you should always keep a bathing suit in your purse.

Congrats on your wedding! We saw you were jetting around Hawaii, what were your favorite places?

  • The Road to Hana is absolutely worth it
  • Stop at every coconut stand to get fresh coconut water. I drank it pretty much every opportunity I got. It's perfect for travel because it's so hydrating and totally saved my skin as I tend to dry out in the sun.
  • Kauai > Maui
  • Best food trunks in Kauai are in downtown Hanalei

Any must-see's from the trip?

Sami: If you get an opportunity to go out on a catamaran, absolutely do it. There water is aqua once you get outside the bay. So so beautiful.

Travel tips for styling on the go?

  • Always have a swimsuit in your purse because you never know you might run into a beautiful secret beach or hidden waterfall.
  • Invest in cute comfortable shoes always
  • Bring as little makeup as possible


You're based in Minneapolis. What are your top spots our Midwest #lacausagirls shouldn't miss? 

  • Shopping - Parc Boutique
  • Juice/Acai Bowls - Truce Juice
  • Home Goods - The Foundry Home Goods
  • Mediterranean Food -  Spitz
  • Best Coffee - North Coffee Works