July 30, 2018

We recently chatted with our favorite beach babe Taylr Anne about personal style, beach days, and her recent trip to Paris.

Taylr wears the Pantry Dress


How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine, relaxed, effortless. A perfect outfit is vintage levi’s, a heeled sandal, a perfectly worn tee and sunnies.

What about living in Southern California inspires you?

I am always inspired here. There is so much beauty around me. The ocean keeps me calm and I love going on road trips to experience the desert and mountains. The colors of California are so inspiring to me and really play a role on the colors I wear and how I decorate my home.

Taylr wears the Scoop Back One Piece in Sangria

You and your cutie sis are always at the beach! Describe for us the perfect picnic and what we should be bringing to an afternoon on the beach :) 

The beach is my happy place! A perfect picnic includes an XL sheet, some towels, a bottle of Orange wine (shhh!), cheese, crackers, fresh summer fruit and good music. 

You just were in Paris, what are your 5 must see/do activities - coffee? patisseries? shopping? 

I love wandering Paris! It is such a beautiful, lively city. I always be sure to go to the Picasso or Rodin museum, get coffee at Cafe Charlot, go to the little bookstands along the Seine. Le Marais is my favorite area, so many good stores and places to eat.

Taylr wears the Dandelion Blouse in Chamomille

all images via Taylr Anne